Leslie Lanxinger
1984 N Main St, Los Angeles, CA

Please direct inquiries regarding original art to:

Tel. 347-834-5818
E.  leslanx@lanxingerstudios.com


Leslie Lanxinger imagines and builds her own cast of fantastical characters out of ceramic, paper pulp, and textiles. She invents narratives for her creations, sometimes posing with them and often devising intricate relationships between the objects. These objects become the inspiration for her charcoal drawings while taking on a life of their own through installation and performance.

Her charcoal drawings are large, extremely detailed, and rendered with heavy chiaroscuro on thick paper. Lanxinger has studied anatomy and biological science and she has spent more than two decades honing and perfecting her drawing techniques.  

Lanxinger’s work is layered with literary references, religion, science, fairy tale, mythology, pop culture and anthropology, which are scrambled and re-contextualized into a poetic narrative. The result is visceral and tactile, filled with chaos, fear, and dark humor; but like Pandora’s Box, at the very heart lies hope.